Friday, December 10, 2010

New Light (Wicked)

I have been taking photos for many years, with various degrees of success. I started off back in Poland with a FED rangefinder camera (which I still have), moved up to a Nikon N2000, with a nice Kiron 28-210 zoom lens, which kept me happy for many years. I spend years taking pictures with a Nikon N6006, before diving into a digital world, first with a slightly-better-than-point-and-shoot Nikon 5700 and finally with a D40, which was my first digital SLR, because I could not justify higher investment, given my semi-amateur photo endeavors.
After a few years I maxed out the build in flash, and probably came close to the estimated lifespan of its shutter, so I decided to upgrade and luckily enough, Nikon came to the table again with its newest D7000, which I finally got just a few days ago (after excruciating wait).
As I start a new chapter of my photographic life, I think sharing some of my findings, experiences and just plain fun is in order, so this blog is just for that.
I hope it to be useful, if not entertaining, and it'll give me a place to vent and spill my guts when my pictures don't come out the way I really want.

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